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You have a leak in your pocket and we can close it!

We all wear seatbelts, pay medical insurance, keep a fire extinguisher in our house BUT we have a Data bomb in our pockets!!

Government and advocacy organizations now rely on cellular communication. However, unlike more traditional forms of communication used by military and government agencies, public cellular communication is based on vulnerable, decades-old protocols.

The cybersecurity options currently available are not sufficient in providing complete protection while highly impacting the speed and accessibility that is the appeal of cellular communication, smartphones, and BYOD policies. This leaves military and law enforcement agencies vulnerable to cellular cyberattacks that can affect their organizational network.

Types of threats

Interception of devices through false cell towers

Block malicious binary SMS

Communication of malware apps with suspicious and blacklisted sites

Cellular Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

Filtering of personal data

Location tracking

Ransomware attacks

Message hijacking (e.g. 2FA one-time passwords)

Remote microphone and camera access

Sender impersonation

Keeping you protected against mobile threats

Geolocation Protection

Keep your location private, Geolocation attempts will be returned void.

Privacy Protection

Active blocking of hackers, phishing, backdoors, and TROJAN horses.

Stay Anonymous

Constant identity hopping protects you against recognition and interception.

BeConnect Protection

Protect your device with a seamless user experience, real-time protection, giving organizations complete control over the protection level of the device and the network.
Real-time alerts
Flexible Deployment
Policy Management
Total Anonymity
Does not affect the battery
Compatibility from 2G to 5G
No CPU load
No need to upgrade
Combined Network & SIM based Solution
Compatible with all cellular devices

Comprehensive network based cellular protection

We offer a comprehensive "always-on", web-based cyberattack protection.
Detects and prevents network-level cyberattacks
Blocks cyberattacks with individually controlled security policies
Provides a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC)
Activates real-time alerts of cyberattacks
Protects and hides the identity of the device in the network

How it works

Protect your device with a seamless user experience with real-time protection and give the organization complete control over the protection level of the device and the network.

Signal Routing

Routes mobile signalling BUT NOT YOUR DATA through a secure environment

Innovative Security Procedures

Applies innovative security procedures through the secure network and offers a dedicated security SIM applet

Protection management

Manages protected devices, security policies, and activities through an information dashboard or the organization's security information and event management system (SIEM)

Secure network

Be Connect provides secure virtual mobile central network
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Full (protection from all attack vectors): Location tracking + IMSI catchers and Man-in-the-Middle+ SMS based attacks + Data leakage.

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